SPOKANE CO., Wash. – Spokane County residents voted to pass Proposition 1 on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday morning, unofficial results show the proposition passing with 82% of the vote. Roughly 28% of registered Spokane County voters weighed in on the election, but 100% of residents will keep paying the sales tax.

Proposition 1 renews a 1/10th of 1% sales tax that supports the county’s emergency management system.

In other terms, every time Spokane County residents spend 10 dollars, the county is going to ask for an additional penny.

KREM 2 On Your Side broke down what the means for most residents. Keep in mind, these are estimates.

In 2016, Spokane County collected more than $9.6 million under the tax. Per Census estimates, nearly 500,000 people lived in Spokane County in 2016. That breaks down to $19.24 per year or about $1.60 per month.

Since Spokane County citizens will keep chipping in, county first responders will keep the emergency communications equipment bought in 2008 and maintain it.

Crime Check will also maintain funding. Officials said upgrades are planned, including improvements to ALERT Spokane. According to Crime Check representatives, these improvements will more effectively notify citizens by phone during emergency situations.