SPOKANE CO., Wash — The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office held an awards ceremony Wednesday night for excellent deputies, volunteers and regular citizens.

Seven deputies received the Life-Saving Award and the celebration included ten awards in total.

There were awards for passers-by who intervened in dire circumstances, awards for overall policing and awards for deputies who saved lives.

One of those awards went to Deputy Derek McNall.

McNall and two other deputies were called to a man who was bleeding severely from a broken window.

The man's friends had tried to stop the bleeding with a belt, but McNall noticed it hadn't fully stopped the bleeding.

McNall applied additional tourniquets that saved the man's life On Tuesday, the community celebrated those actions.

"I mean it means a lot. It's nice to know that we have the support of our community, the SCOPE volunteers, the sheriff's office. It means a lot to myself and the other deputies," McNall said.

If you recognize McNall, it's because this isn't the first time he's saved someone's life.

Two years ago, he saved the life of a baby when he was still in training.


The baby was choking when he arrived and he was able to get him breathing.

The event was also about thanking the legion of volunteers in the program called SCOPE.

Those volunteers help deputies in a variety of ways, such as traffic management and fingerprinting.

"I love having them around. They are great group of people. They help us out tremendously, and I don't know what we would do without them," McNall said.

Overall it was a night of gratitude in Spokane Valley on Tuesday.

"They're critical. The SCOPE program is an amazing program for the sheriff's office," Spokane County Undersheriff Dave Ellis said.