SPOKANE CO., Wash. — Captain Johnny Sylvester of Spokane County Fire District is helping with efforts to put out the Woolsey fire in Southern California.

There are two major fires are burning in California: the Camp Fire in Northern California and the Woolsey fire in Southern California.

"We're continuing to go around to those that have been burning now six days some of them. So we're mopping those up and mitigating the hazards as we begin to repopulate the areas that were evacuated," Captain Sylvester said.

Captain Johnnie Sylvester says some homeowners are seeing the fire reach their backyard fences.

Captain Sylvester is among 15 other Strike Teams that have traveled to Southern California from Texas. He says Camarillo, California is the farthest south he's helped fight fires, and has seen new challenges as a result.

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"The citizens here are very much on edge. This area here was just repopulated not very long ago. So it was a massive evacuation to get everybody out of here in time. You're talking tens of thousands of people evacuating in a short amount of time. It's very chaotic," Captain Sylvester said.

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Captain Sylvester showed KREM what the area around him looks like. The homes near him are those that had the fire reach right up to their backyard. He says luckily though that's as far as the fire has gone in that area.

Over the last few days, he's lost count of how many homeowners who have thanked him for being there.

"I can speak for all the guys here on my strike team we're just really honored to be down here and privileged to be able to come and help out," Captain Sylvester said. "People are always trying to offer us anything---making sure we have a lot of drinking water and food and of course we're well taken care of."