SPOKANE, Wash. -- Two lucky service dogs received a rare treatment from the Animal Eye Clinic in Spokane on Thursday.

The clinic is one of three others in the entire state of Washington that offer eye exams. This means those from out of state have to travel hours in order to get their pets the services they need.

On Thursday, the clinic offered eye exams for free. The dogs were also checked for anything that could hinder the services they offer to the folks they help.

A group made-up of volunteers called the Canine Angels Service Team, has to travel into Spokane from Montana in order to get these services before the dogs are trained and sent to live with children who need service dogs. Team members said having this service means more kids will be able to get better services from these pups.

"The emotional aspect is huge for kids to have a dog that is their pal and special comfort is really huge," said Canine Angels Service team member Peggy Spencer.

These free services are offered every Wednesday-Friday during May at the Washington State University campuses in both Spokane and Pullman.