SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane City Council passed a zoning law that allows for higher density development on one acre of land.

The City defines cottage housing as a group of small, single, single family dwelling units clustered around a common outdoor space and developed with a coherent plan for the entire site.

"This is a win for developers and our residents here in Spokane to make sure we are bringing in people and not creating sprawl into the community," said Councilmember Kate Burke in a recap of the council meeting.

If the cottages are less that 500 square-feet each developers can build up to 14 on one acre.

"Giving more options in our community in order to buy housing or find housing available for them to rent," said Burke.

This two year long process ended with a 7-0 vote by the City Council to pass this new zoning law.

The City of Spokane Municipal Code stated "the intent of cottage housing is to support the diversity of housing, increases the variety of housing types for smaller households and provides the opportunity for small, detached single-family dwelling units within existing neighborhoods."