SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane church will keep its home following a long battle in court.

Pastor Danny Green with Family of Faith Community Church said he is happy that the battle is finally over.

In May, Family of Faith received a termination letter after residing at 1504 West Grace Ave. for five years. Green claimed wrongful termination under the church's contract and said they were being bullied to leave the property when what they wanted to do was buy it.

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Former property owner Spokane Christian Fellowship never responded to KREM on the record.

According to court documents, Green claimed he let Mark Hamilton with Spokane Christian Fellowship know several times about his intent to buy the property. Green and the congregation also secured a loan from the bank for $800,000 and raised the remaining $145,000 dollars needed to purchase it.

Green said a judge "court ordered" property owners to sell the property to the church in October and that is cause for celebration.

"We knew that God was in control and we knew that we hadn't done anything wrong," Green said. "We've never had security, you know? Everywhere that we have went, we were renting and never knew what was going to happen and even here we didn't know what was going to happen for the five years we were here, but now there is security and we have a home."

"There's people that are hurting and struggling with addiction and there's hope and so we get to continue that hope now for a long time," he continued.

Family of Faith wears many hats in the Spokane community. The church provides food for people who cannot afford groceries and housing for recovering addicts without a place to go.

Many in the congregation also struggled with drug addiction at one point in their lives.

Green said the church is excited to continue it's role as a resource for recovering addicts in the community and hopes it can continue this work for generations to come.