SPOKANE, Wash. — Christmas is less than two weeks away and one Spokane boy is asking for something that will not fit underneath any Christmas tree.

Vernon Glass usually just tells his mother Darcy Horn what he wants for Christmas. This year he wrote it out.

"I went to bed one night and I woke up and it was on the dining room table,” Horn said.

Vernon, a seventh grader at Garry Middle School, listed a few items, candy, video games, and pump for his basketball. But it was the last thing on his list that got his mother’s attention.

He wrote his biggest Christmas wish was to end racism.

“Everyone bleeds the same blood. Planet earth should be more equal. End racism,” Vernon wrote.

At just 13-years-old Vernon said he is aware that people some times are not treated the same as others. He said he worried that there is not enough compassion and understanding for those who are different.

"I think it should touch everybody lives, because like a said, it's a big factor in life and everybody should be equal, like it doesn't matter what your skin color is, where you're from, it only matters that we should be equal,” Vernon said.

Both of his parents were moved by his list.

"It's not something a thirteen-year-old should be thinking about at this point in their life. You know, they should be thinking about happier things like friends, and school dances and things like,” Horn said. "It takes somebody Vernon's age to tell them maybe just moving through everyday life they should be a little kinder to the next person and take into consideration that we all are the same."

"He's supposed to be playing video games, playing sports, so just to see that moved me. There is nothing that we tell him don't talk about it. We always want him and encourage him to speak your mind,” Vernon Glass Sr. said.

Vernon said he is looking forward to Christmas. He said this time of year is all about having fun and being joyous.