SPOKANE, Wash. — These days, more businesses are finding ways to incorporate 3D printing into their work.

A Spokane architecture firm is now printing 3D models of their building designs, including their project in Spokane's Perry District.

Uptic Studios decided to incorporate 3D printing into their design process as away to save some time,and give clients another perspective on their designs.

"Some people struggle reading two dimensional plans," Project Manager and Designer Tyson Able said. "When you can bring it to life three dimensionally, with a printer like this, people start to understand space a little bit easier."

Traditionally, designers would build models by hand. Depending on the design, it would take an average of 20 hours to complete.

But, Able said 3D printing shaves off quite a bit of time.

"It's not exact, but it's as real as you can possibly get at this scale," Tyson said.

This technology also gives designers additional perspective on the terrain and grade of the land they're building on.

"Being able to incorporate not just the architecture, but the site into our designs, really helps people understand how you'll be interacting with the building and around it," Able said.

It took about four days to print the Blockhouse design, according to Able.

The smart housing project will now feature eight buildings, with a total of 15 units.

Since the site is fairly narrow, project manager Luke Grimsrud said they can more easily navigate and adjust their design using the life-like models.

"We're trying to really minimally impact that existing site so really dialing in on where these are in elevation with that existing grade," Grimsrud said. "We're also going around trees."

Work has already started at the site for the Blockhouse project. Uptic Studios expects construction to start this spring.