MEAD, Wash. – The Mead School District opened up a specialized high school for kids focused on science and technology four years ago.

It has only been available for a select number of juniors and seniors. District leaders are opening the school up to ninth and tenth graders next fall because the school has been so successful.

The project-based, tech curriculum at Riverpoint Academy is gaining attention from outside of the Mead area. Washington State University launched a five year study researching how well students of the new high school do after graduation.

“So far the initial results that have come in from our graduates is that 83 percent of our graduates have gone onto college. The majority of them in science related fields,” said Riverpoint Academy Principal Moleena Harris.

Riverpoint is part of the Mead School District and is now accepting applications for their fall 2016 school year. Each grade level is capped at 50 students.