SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane police officer was arraigned Wednesday on charges for allegedly misleading investigators after a kidnapping victim was brought by his daughter to his home.

Officer John Arredondo is facing charges for rendering criminal assistance, false swearing, and tampering with physical evidence, SCSO said.

Arredondo's pre-trial is set for October 27 at 10:30 a.m. and his trial is set for November 13 at 9:30 a.m.

The victim said she was forced out of her home an early morning in May, then taken to an apartment on North Atlantic where she claims she was hit with a frying pan by Jamar Dickerson and stabbed by Ashley Arredondo. Documents said at some point Ashley picked up her sister, Officer Arredondo's other daughter, from the Knitting Factory and continued to drive around with the kidnapping victim and Dickerson in the car.

Officer John Arredondo said he texted his other daughter who was in the car with the kidnapping victim, Ashley Arredondo and Dickerson asking if she was ok. Officer Arredondo's other daughter said Ashley was yelling at her and being aggressive, blaming her for stealing money from her.

Documents said Officer Arredondo told police he then called and spoke with both of his daughters and convinced Ashley to drive to his home. Officer Arredondo, who was on duty, said he went to his home and saw Ashley's car parked outside. When he approached the car, the officer said the victim was in the backseat and "appeared high, was crying, and said something he could not understand." The victim said she needed to use the bathroom, so documents said Arredondo helped her to his front door. When he looked back, he said his daughter Ashley drove away.

Arredondo said he then went inside with the kidnapping victim for about two to three minutes and gave her water. Documents said he asked her if she was stabbed and thought she needed stitches so he took her to Holy Family Hospital. On the way to the hospital, Officer Arredondo said the victim admitted to stealing money from his daughter Ashley.

Arredondo was initially placed on leave during the investigation. SCSO concluded their investigation and forwarded their findings to the Spokane County Prosecutor’s office this week. The charges against Arredondo were filed in Spokane County Superior Court.

SPD officials said earlier this year Arredondo had been with the department for 18 years and had not been placed on leave before.

Arredondo’s daughter Ashley pleaded guilty to an assault charge related to the kidnapping in June.