SPOKANE, Wash. – Several homes on the same street on Spokane’s South Hill are dealing with flooded basements from all the run off and snow melt.

Spokane County leaders said the storm catch basin near East 51st Avenue and South Rebecca Street sits on clay and rock. So when there is a lot of water it has to flow somewhere.

Bob Jones and his wife said they have dealt with flooding about four or five times in the 23 years they have lived there. Jones said he just isn’t happy that his basement gets the brunt of it.

“I figured out that there’s over 60,000 gallons that we’ve pumped so far,” said Jones.

Jones said he uses shop vacuums to help suck up the water and has emptied several loads since Saturday. While neighbors dealing with similar flooding issues like the Jones family, county leaders have sent a crew to pump out some of the water to deal with the ongoing issues.

A Spokane County spokesperson said the groundwater is the primary issue that is causing the flooding. They said it is difficult to control the groundwater with all the rain and snow melt.