SPOKANE, Wash. -- Some states across the United States are phasing out games like dodgeball in physical education class. Instead, schools are incorporating more individual activities like yoga or bike riding.

States like New Hampshire, Virginia and Maine are moving away from team sports to more individual activities. The idea is to remove the element of competition and instead focus on healthy activities to pursue.

The Society of Health and Physical Educators agrees with the practice. Senior director of SHAPE programs Cheryl Richardson said high school level P.E. classes should do away with team sports in class completely.

"We want physical education in high school to help students transition into the types of physical activity they'll engage in either as a college student or as they begin their career as an adult," Richardson said.

SHAPE America leaders said by middle school physical education classes should incorporate a combination between team and individual activities.

As for doing away with dodgeball, SHAPE America said it does not consider it a team sport. In fact, SHAPE believes dodgeball is not an appropriate physical education activity.

"We refer to dodge ball more as a human target game. The nature of dodge ball is that the kids who are the least skilled are out first. It also has an element of bullying associated with it," Richardson explained.

Spokane Public Schools confirms none of its schools play dodgeball in physical education classes and have not done so for a few years. District leaders add that ihey will continue to incorporate team activities in its physical education classes.