SPOKANE, Wash. – Due to a software error in the Department of Licensing’s driver licensing database system, the Spokane County Auditor said nearly 600 county residents who attempted to register to vote were not added to the voter rolls.

Officials said the software error failed to send information for certain potential voters to the Office of the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration database.

Those voters were added to the database and their ballots for the February 13 special election were sent out on Wednesday, according to election officials.

DOL and OSOS leaders worked together to match the voter data in the two systems to determine the number of voters affected in each county. Officials determined the total number of voters impacted statewide is 6,969, nearly 600 were in Spokane County.

The Spokane County Auditor said the error was discovered when some voters changed their name and were assigned new driver license numbers. They said those changes were made in DOL’s system but were not transmitted to the OSOS’s system.

A software fix was released into production on January 30.

DOL Director Pat Kohler assured county auditors new controls have been put in place that monitor daily transmitted voter information to the Secretary of State to ensure it is complete and accurate. Voters can verify their address, name and registration information online. Questions or concerns about voter status can be directed to the Spokane County Auditor’s office at (509) 477-2320.