SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich sent a letter to Washington Republican Party officials on Wednesday demanding they censure Representative Matt Shea.

This is the latest in the ongoing feud between Knezovich and Shea after Shea said on a podcast that a gun used in a triple murder in Colbert in 2015 came from a former Spokane Co. deputy.

“I am writing you in response to yet another attack by Washington State Representative Matt Shea,” wrote Knezovich.

Knezovich said Shea’s words have led to deputies receiving death threats, “based on the warped narrative Representative Shea has given the public concerning these events.”

Sheriff Knezovich asks GOP leaders to hold Shea accountable

In the letter, Knezovich includes a link to a YouTube video that he said shows Representative Shea took part in a protest against the Sheriff’s Office. He also said Shea came after another deputy who was involved in a collision with a teenager.

“At a time when law enforcement is under attack from media and activists, Representative Shea has chosen to join in this attack by making these false claims,” Knezovich wrote.

“As a result of Representative Shea’s unconscionable actions and words, I am demanding that the State Republican Party censure 4th District Representative Matt Shea,” he wrote.

Knezovich also said he is willing to meet with Shea and answer any and all allegations he may have.

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