SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Spokane County Sheriff's Office held an active shooter training session Saturday.

Officials said the key to responding comes in three steps. First, run. If you can not run, hide. If you can not hide, fight.

With shootings happening across the nations, law enforcement say people should learn to fight back against an attacker. It has been two weeks since the largest mass shooting in our nation's most recent history, the Las Vegas shooting. At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 more injured.

Locals say with things like this happening around the country, they want to be safe moving forward.

"What is this world coming to? Why do we have so many people willing to take the lives of other people? I would like myself and my wife be prepared or at least know what to do in a situation like that," said Ted Eldridge, who attended the training.

Spokane County Sheriff Deputy Chris Johnston said you want to get as far away from the shooter as possible. If you can not do that, you need to find a way to hide or deny the shooter entry to where you are. The last option you have is to fight.

"My job is to go toward the danger. I am encouraging you to go away. So I train and I am prepared, not only with what I carry, but with what I have here. That is what this is all about," said Johnston. "Do not approach them and try to talk them out of it. Do not do it. In that moment, the time has passed. The time has passed."

Dozens of people attended the training at University High School. That is where recently a memorial was held for the victim of the Freeman High School shooting, Sam Strahan.

Officers said they never want to plan for these types of events, but would rather have people informed on how to react no matter what.