SCRAPS officials said they continue to be overcrowded with animals who may never find their owners, because many people are not getting pets licensed and microhipped.

The shelter representatives estimated that out of 250,000 pets in Spokane County, only 55,000 will ever see their owners again if they get lost.

About 63 percent of dogs will be returned to their owners, but only 3 percent of cats will come home again.

Most cats that come into SCRAPS do not have microchips, and for some of the ones that do, the information for the microchip is not always updated with current home address and phone information.

"There is a chip there, there is a microchip in an animal and it leads to a dead end, the phone doesn't work, the email doesn't work, the person has moved and they never went back in and re-did the information," said Janet Dixon with SCRAPS.

"We have no way of getting in touch with you and you have no way of getting your animal back," said Dixon.

Dixon recommended that people not only microchip, but also license their pets so they can be in the SCRAPS system, and also leave them with a visible collar.

Once pets are microchipped, owners will need to call the company of the microchip and give them current information and also pay a fee.

To get pets microchipped, cats are $15 and dogs are $25.