SPOKANE, Wash. -- After a recent accident at the Ice Ribbon in Riverfront Park, the skating rink now offers free helmets.

"Any head injury can be detrimental," said physician Kal Kelly. Kelly was wearing a helmet along with his three daughters on the ice rink.

"If you bump your head once and then again in thirty minutes that would be worse than hitting your head in two weeks," said Kelly.

When someone suffers form a traumatic head injury or concussion symptoms vary.

"They can't concentrate at school, they have headaches, they have personality changes," shared Kelly.

"When I read about what happened yesterday I broke out my hockey helmet," said Greg Hicks, a season pass holder of the Ice Ribbon.

Hicks thinks there should be a rule enforced that children under the age of 10 should have to wear helmets on the ice.

"Even if you are an experienced skater you never know the people around you that could hit you and something could happen. There could be debris on the ice. It's a good thing for people to wear a helmet just like skiing," said Hicks.