SPOKANE, Wash. – People driving through Hillyard on Friday may have noticed a shocking sign at a local bikini barista stand.

The sign at 2nd Base Espresso on East Sanson read, “Why can’t u play Uno with Mexicans? They take all the green cards.” The sign has since been taken down.

The sign was posted on KREM 2’s Facebook wall by a woman saying it was racist. Another woman commented and said her children are Mexican and they asked her what it meant.

One person even wrote a review of 2nd Base Espresso on the stand’s unofficial Facebook page saying in part, “My rating is solely to make then (sic) aware that their use of race jokes on their sign is very disrespectful and shouldn't continue. This is a time in our country when we are already seeing the emboldening of racism, so signs like this are not helpful in the journey towards inclusion and community.”

Another person tagged the page in a post saying, “I am sick to my stomach. This is not funny at all. This is the world we live in... so horrible! I am beyond upset. Call me sensitive, call me dramatic..whatever. I'm not even Mexican and you don't have to be Mexican to know that this is wrong and disgusting!!!”

KREM 2 asked people who live near the stand about what they thought of the sign. Many said it was just a joke and they weren’t surprised. One person said they did not think it was meant to be malicious. The stand is known for posting sexually explicit things on their sign.

KREM 2 left contact information with a barista at 2nd Base Espresso but as of 2:00 p.m., they have not contacted us.