SPOKANE, Wash. – As angry as potholes have made people in Spokane over the last couple of weeks, one could say that they have brought drivers in Spokane together in a universal sense of frustration.

“I was praying I could make it, but as soon as I came through this intersection the tire pressure went to zero,” driver Audra Wieneke said.

“Every street I’m on pins and needles, every time I go through a residential neighborhood,” driver Sarah Merkley said.

From the South Hill to Country Homes and everywhere in between, Spokane’s drivers are fed-up with the pothole paradise.

“It takes time out of your week. You’re late to work the next day. All of the above,” Merkley said.

Eight cars with flat tires lined the side of south Thor Street Tuesday night.

But then there’s Sarah Merkley's story. For the second time, her front right tire popped from hitting a pothole on Tuesday night. Yet again, in the cold darkness of the night, it was up to her boyfriend to make repairs.

“I called him. I was like, ‘you’ll never guess what happened, another flat,’” Merkleysaid.

Merkley is now out $400 with more to go. In Country Homes, Rod Smith refused to let other people suffer the same fate.

“We put two flares out and called the cops and let them know,” Smith said.

Say what you want about these potholes problems, but for once, people are coming together, upset about the potholes. Luckily there have been no reports of people being hurt by running over potholes in Spokane. As always, drivers are encouraged to take it slow on these roads.