SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane will soon become home to a major cannabis distribution center.

Duber Technology announced Spokane will be one of its 15 distribution center locations, which will operate like a "delivery hub" for cannabis products.

Here's how it would work: private couriers would pick up cannabis from growers or processors, deliver the product to Duber's distribution center, then the same private couriers would transport those products to respective retailers.

Duber Technology is a "software-as-a-service" company that currently offers cannabis retailers services like online ordering, self-serve systems and digital signage.

Founder and CEO of Duber Technologies Glenn Ballman said the purpose of their distribution centers is to provide an organized approach to cannabis product delivery, while making less work for retailers.

"We're building a system to have trucks come up and pick up product from your facilities," Ballman said. "With our software we add layers of management so we can update details when we transfer the product from vehicles, which will be done at these distribution hubs."

Ballman adds the center will also help minimize the number of trips couriers have to make to deliver the cannabis, and therefore making this green facility get even greener for the environment.

"Anything that we can do to go to solar power, electric distribution for local delivery--anything that we can do to reduce carbon emissions--that rises to the very top of our priorities," Ballman said.

Ballman said Spokane is an attractive location for Duber because of the number of processors and producers in the area. He said the cannabis distribution center will create 10 to 15 full time positions in Spokane.

The center is still in the planning phase so an open date is still in the works.

KREM 2 also spoke with a cannabis retailer in downtown Spokane who currently uses Duber's digital signage. The owner said they wouldn't be interested in using the Duber's distribution center service because it would remove the direct "face to face" opportunity with their vendor.