SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -- The so-called 'Piggyback Bandit' and his actions are not technically illegal, according to police.

Sherwin Shayegan has appeared at high school sporting events around the nation.

Most recently, he has been at two Spokane County high school basketball games. He was seen at North Central High School and Mead High School.

He is known to ask students for Piggyback rides and give them shoulder rubs. Shayegan has spent years traveling from state to state, posing as an adult member of a high school sports team, giving him the name 'Piggyback Bandit.'

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Spokane Police said no one from the Inland Northwest region has filed a report against him for unwanted touching. His actions could warrant a gross misdemeanor assault charge, but only if he means any harm.

"We have to look at the intent of the person. Is that assault? If I brush by you and grab your arm, is that an assault? Maybe technically. But I have no intent to harm you. So, we would at the totality of circumstances and find out what's going on," said Spokane Officer John O'Brien.

Shayegan's mother spoke to reporters years ago defending him. She said he has Asberger's syndrome. ESPN's Grantland reported his mother said he was just a big sports fan.

Shayegan has several convictions dating back to 2004. That includes criminal trespassing, vehicle prowling and felony prescription drug possession.

In 2014, he was arrested for assault and battery for trying to get a student into a locker room at a hockey game in Virginia. He has served jail time, anywhere from a couple of days up to a year.

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Schools in Spokane County and police are telling people to watch out for him and report it if they see him at any schools or games.