SPOKANE, Wash. – Social media lit up late Wednesday night after an earthquake was felt around the Inland Northwest.

Posts ranged from asking if it really happened to what you thought it was. Many of the posts about the earthquake came out of Montana and in the Spokane area.

Quite a few people blamed it on their cat or dog and even husbands were thought to be the reason for the short earthquake.

Others reacted with popular GIFs to show their surprise.

There are some people that didn't feel the earthquake and their posts were just as entertaining. The city of Coeur d'Alene posted a meme on their Facebook page saying "It's ok, we know some folks slept through it. Here's a meme to make you smile.”

Based on the posts to social media, many people were able to confirm that yes, it was an earthquake just by looking at their own Twitter or Facebook feed.