SPOKANE, Wash --- A U.S. Marine veteran retrieved an American flag from the highway on Fourth of July. Now, the owner of the flag is inspired by the veteran’s actions.

When the young owner found out who had his flag, he was more than inspired.

“I turned around, went back about 10 miles. Wasn't able to find it,” Dallas Pierce said.

Dallas Pierce was the owner of flag picked up by Marine Vet Nathan Sheets.

“He's always doing the right thing,” Pierce said.

“People die, not necessarily for the flag but they die for their brothers, for their families, and they go fight for it, but the flag symbolizes that,” Pierce said.

Dallas said he lost the flag on his way home from swimming in the river. His sister was driving the car and the flag snapped right off.

“I turned around and went back. Went about 10 miles wasn't able to find it,” Pierce said.

Dallas heard about who had his flag from his uncle in Seattle.

“Well my uncles like, 'Hey I saw someone lost their flag and I know you fly a flag. Did it happen to be yours?' And it was,” Pierce said.

He called Nathan to express his gratitude. To Dallas, the flag represents freedom, and he was thrilled that a Marine had picked up his flag.

“It’s awesome to know that there are people out there that would take the time to stop and go pick something up as meaningful as an American flag,” Pierce said.

He let Nathan keep the flag of freedom, and is looking forward to one day fighting for our country's freedom.

Dallas said that after this year he is planning on joining the Army Reserve.