SPOKANE, Wash. – For one local man, this year’s Bloomsday race could have been his last if not for the quick thinking of nurses nearby.

Jerry Stafford collapsed with what doctors call 'cardiac death' around the 3-mile marker on Sunday. Stafford’s wife Robin raced to Sacred Heart hoping for good news.

“I was shaky all the way to the hospital,” she said.

Now, Stafford is looking for the nurses who saved her husband’s life on the Bloomsday course.

Robin and her daughter Melissa stood together outside Sacred Heart Monday and said they were grateful they have another day with Stafford. Robin shared her husband’s account of what happened.

“He was at the 3.5 mile mark and he said he got dizzy and that was it,” Stafford said.

What happened next was nothing short of incredible.

“It’s my understanding that there was a nurse nearby that administered CPR right away, and then medics came over and they had to paddle him and then airlifted him to the hospital,” she said.

The doctors later told Robin that Jerry had sudden cardiac death – and he is alive today all because of the nurses who jumped into action.

Stafford’s daughter said the nurse came just at the right time.

“If she hadn’t been there, he’d be dead,” Melissa Stafford said. “It’s as simple as that. So I’d like to find her.”

With only her husband’s account of what happened, Robin hoped it would be enough to find the nurse who saved the love of her life.

“I just want to hug her and thank her because she literally saved his life,” Stafford said.

KREM 2 learned Monday evening from Sacred Heart staff that not only were two Providence nurses there to help Jerry – but also an emergency room doctor and an EMT helped during the incident as well.

All of them were Bloomsday runners.

Both nurses plan to meet with Robin and Jerry later this week.