SPOKANE, Wash.— A new in-house vet facility at SCRAPS will provide treatment for sick animals who come into the shelter.

SCRAPS officials said the facility shelters about 10,000 animals every year.

SCRAPS officials said many of them are lost and healthy, but others are sick, homeless, abandoned or abused.

In January, a new vet facility will be up and running for in-house pets only.

The plan began two years ago, but construction started in October.

Currently, SCRAPS takes up to five pets to a vet offsite on a daily basis, costing the shelter extra time and money that it does not have.

The new facility will have its own vet who can perform up to 30 procedures a day and care for animals with the help of a vet technician.

"We are going to be able to get faster diagnosis, faster treatment and less stress on these poor animals, rather than sticking them in a carrier and taking them someplace else," said Janet Dixon, special pro-grams manager at SCRAPS. "Our own shelter clinic has been on our wish list for a long time so this is like a really wonderful Christmas present for us," she said.

The facility will have a surgical suite, exam area and an area for animals to recover after surgery.

The project will cost about $150,000 and is being paid for by money raised by SCRAPS dollars, private donations and a huge help from the "American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."

The vet and technician have already been hired and are getting used to the daily routine at SCRAPS while they wait for the facility to be finished.

SCRAPS workers said they were especially thankful for this vet, because the vet will be able to help ex-amine animals who have been abused, and be a part of the court process, putting people behind bars who are cruel to animals.