SPOKANE, Wash. – The design team behind the renovations at Riverfront Park presented Spokane City Council with new renderings of what they imagine the park will look like when it is finished.

Keith Comes, from NAC Architecture, walked the council through the photographs. He explained they are considering various options with the existing pavilion.

He said they could string LED lights through the cables or attach reflecting panels that they could shine lights at.

Mayor David Condon expressed his concern at those options, arguing he had campaigned on a platform that involved a cover for the structure.

Comes, said they were considering all options, including adding shade and shelter areas.

In the proposal, the entire space would be renovated to include vending, scenic overlooks with seating and grassy areas. It would also have an event venue.

“My worry is you’ll have people once a year for Hoopfest – if it’s not raining,” Condon said of the event venue. He said the equipment to put on live music shows is difficult to set up at that location.

“It’s cost prohibitive to bring in all that equipment,” he said.

City Council President Ben Stuckart also expressed concern about not covering the pavilion.

"The Park Board, on Monday night, said they will not be covering the Pavilion. This is unacceptable," Stuckart said in a statement. "The Spokane Park Board is the only City Committee/Board that has no accountability to the citizens of Spokane. Every other board that involves the expenditure of public funds must have their recommendations approved by elected officials. We have a Park Board, accountable to no one, ignoring the plan that the voters approved."

The design team said the event venue within the park would accommodate about 2,000 people. Other city council members expressed concerns that that would not be big enough, should the venue prove to be popular.

The City of Spokane is hosting an open house at City Hall on Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for public comment on the renderings.

Below is the presentation given to Spokane City Council on Monday.

Renderings of new Riverfront Park on Scribd