DEER PARK, Wash. --- Since marijuana is now legal in Washington State, the question remains, will the marijuana products you buy be monitored for quality?

Some entrepreneurs decided to take matters into their own hands, and created their own rating system.

The new rating system is actually more like a consumer report.

“I used to joke that this field would be cannabis one day and it was just a joke and here we are,” said co-founder of Washington’s Finest Cannabis, Kevin Oliver.

Washington’s Finest Cannabis farm prides themselves on being leaders in the cannabis industry.

“As a new industry we really have this opportunity to set a really high standard for other industries,” said Co-Founder of Washington’s Finest Cannabis, Crystal Oliver.

Emily Reilly created the cannabis rating system called Just Good Score as a way to hold cannabis growers to a higher standard.

“Coming out of prohibition there are many practices left coming out of the black market and a lot are not good for human health and the environment. We want to bring these issues to attention,” said Reilly.

Consumers can use the rating system to see growers health and safety policies, how energy conscious they are and even the benefits they offer employees.

“We think consumers care about if there is chemicals in their products. If their products are causing lots of waste into landfills or water systems. We believe people care about living wages and benefits,” said Reilly.

“This I think gives consumers a tool to evaluate the products that they are buying,” said Crystal Oliver.

The Oliver’s farm received a 99 out of a 100 rating.

"What we really wanted to do is be industry leaders. We have made a lot of conscious decisions on how we wanted to run our business on many levels so it seemed like a good fit for us,” said Crystal Oliver.

Although a near perfect rating is a good thing to the Olivers, it is more than just numbers.

“A lot of the consumer drive is around THC, but there is a lot that goes into good quality cannabis,” said Crystal Oliver.

“We created this tool to move forward in terms of creating businesses and our economies in a way that works for everyone. That is what we are passionate about and that is what we are excited to bring to the market,” said Reilly.

Reilly believes this new scoring system is only the beginning of holding cannabis companies to a higher standard.

It also gives consumers the option to find products and businesses that are right for them.