SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane County Deputies said a car thief on the run snuck into a stranger's apartment, held a knife to his throat then slipped away.

Not only did the suspect hold a knife to a stranger's throat, he also took off with his wallet, cell phone and rental car. Officials are still looking for the suspect.

Neighbor Tom Hunton spoke with KREM 2 about what happened Tuesday as a man ran through his North Spokane Apartment complex to get away from deputies. Deputies said they were chasing the man initially because he matched the description of a suspect from a car theft a few hours earlier. Hunton said the man ducked into an apartment and held his neighbor at knife point to escape capture.

"The door was unlocked, apparently, and so he went in there while the police were looking and he must have locked the door behind him,” Hunton said.

Deputies searched the apartment complex but did not go into the locked apartment. The man who lives there woke up to what many of us would consider a nightmare.

“He had come into the apartment when the neighbor was sleeping and it sounds like he had crawled under the bed," Hunton explained. “So he had come out from under the bed and the neighbor who was taking a nap was awoken and then there was a confrontation.”

Court documents said for the next two hours the man held Hunton's neighbor hostage at knife point. During that time, documents state the man said he was hiding from drug dealers, consumed beverages in the apartment, made calls on the victim's cell phone and injected drugs into his own veins.

After deputies left the area, documents said the man stole the victim's wallet, cell phone and car then took off. The car was later found abandoned just before midnight about two miles away at Atlantic and Lyons parked next to quite a few other cars that belong to a car lot on the street.

The man is still on the run but deputies believe they know who they are looking for. His name has not been released.

As for the neighbor who was held hostage, he was not hurt.