Washington state and the city of Spokane are experiencing a foster parent crisis.

Foster parent Stacey Conner said she has six children living in her Spokane home.

Three are her biological children, two have been adopted and she and her husband are currently fostering a young boy, according to Conner.

The boy, who cannot be named, has been with Conner's family for almost a year.

"Getting to know these kids, they were often been through a lot and I know that can be intimidating for people, but they are pretty incredible kids and for me the best part about it, outside of just getting to know the children that have been in our home, is watching my own children learn about the needs in their community, be able to speak and advocate," said Conner.

Conner said her children are happy to have one another.

"My son, when he was in kindergarten, they asked every kid in the class what are you proud of and he said that 'I'm proud I'm a foster brother because we are helping kids in our community,'" she said.

Conner said her house is at full capacity with six children living in and countless others across the community in need of a home.

"In general the need has been rising because overall across the country as opioid use has risen," she said. "When people are struggling with addiction they often can't care for their children."

As a foster parent and recruiter with Fostering Washington, Conner was hoping to find more people who can help.

"We all talk about wanting to be involved in our community, wanting to help. How do we make a change? How do we make things different? There's no more personal and direct way to make a change, then to take a child into your home," she said.

If you would like to become a foster parent, you can reach Fostering WA at (509) 359-6130, or you can go to their website.