SPOKANE, Wash. -- Students at Shadle Park High School found a strange substance in their chocolate milk cartons Tuesday at lunch, according to district officials.

Spokane Public Schools Spokesman Kevin Morrison said there was a clear liquid with a deodorizing smell inside several milk cartons. He said one student took a drink of the liquid and took themselves to the hospital where they were later released.

Morrison said food service employees immediately pulled the chocolate milk dated February 6 from their shelves across the district. Morrison said Darigold has voluntarily pulled the milk with the February 6 date from its shelves as well.

School leaders said they have also notified the state Department of Agriculture.

Darigold leaders said the liquid in the carton had a mixture of trace amounts of food grade sanitizer and water. They said this poses no human health risk and no milk was in the carton.

Darigold said they are conducting a "voluntary withdrawal" of the impacted school chocolate milks produced at the Spokane plant with a best by date of Feb. 6. They are communicating with their customers so they immediately remove those particular cartons of Darigold chocolate milk from their inventory and store shelves.

"Food safety and consumer health is a top priority for Darigold," Sarah Taydas from Darigold said in a statement. "We apologize for any convenience this has caused."