A Spokane man’s creative writing skills helped spread the word about his stolen motorcycle on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Keenen Waggy’s 1-year-old highlighter yellow 2017 Honda Grom ‘Lola’ was found in the Spokane River near the Post Street Bridge. This is the same area where two LimeBike scooters were also found in the river. KREM 2 ran into Waggy while covering that story.

"Last night someone gave me a call basically said they seen somebody throwing my bike over the bridge and it turns out it's my Grom down below and my buddy's Grom as well that was stolen," Waggy explained.

Spokane Police met Waggy at the bridge Wednesday morning, and said it will be up to him and his insurance company to retrieve it.

"Honestly, this is the last place I would've thought they would've gotten rid of it at. I though they'd hide it in a garage or something like that, over throwing it over the bridge," he said.

It's hard to point out from the bridge, but Waggy said he knows it's got to be his Lola, now scattered parts in the river. He said if he can retrieve it, the bike may still be a total loss.

"It's pretty sad. I wish nobody took it in the first place. But things happen," he said

Waggy said as sad as it may be to have finally found his beloved Lola, he is grateful to those who kept an eye out. Even going out of their way to call him to let him know the news.