SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- A Spokane Valley man is seeking a court order to protect himself after a racially charged confrontation with his neighbor.

Nawar Al Graiti said he has been having issues with his, 68-year-old, neighbor Shalisha Israel for months. He said she often makes racially insensitive comments much like the ones she rattled off in a video shot Tuesday.

Israel was arrested that day for malicious harassment and remains in jail.

Al Graiti said he wants to pursue some type of court order to get her to stop, if and when she is released from jail.

But what options would he have since Israel lives just a few doors down from him?

According to the Spokane County courts there are four types of court orders that are meant to keep someone away. They include order of protection for domestic violence, a restraining order, an anti-harassment order and no contact order.

This case would mostly likely fall under an anti-harassment order or a no contact order.

Washington state law says an anti-harassment order is a civil matter. It is for a person who is seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed by someone. The people don't have to be related. The order prohibits harassment and any kind of contact, as well as it can set a certain distance the people involved have to be apart.

A no contact order is a criminal matter. It is for a person who has reported an incident to the police.
Criminal charges must be pending or filed. This order prohibits contact while the criminal case is still going on.

An attorney for the Center for Justice said anyone can ask for a court order, but it is up to the judge to grant the order and to decide the exact terms of the order.