SPOKANE, Wash. – Court documents said a man was shot and killed early Sunday morning after he put his 1-month-old child in his car.

Kionte Bullard, 21, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in the 3000 block of North Nelson Street around 2:30 a.m. No one has been arrested in the case. Court documents show that police may have a suspect.

Prior to the shooting, court documents said Bullard was downtown at Lucky’s Tavern. Court documents said he was involved in an argument where a man, identified by witnesses as Isiah Cavitt, 20, was trying to fight Bullard’s cousin. Witnesses told police Cavitt implied he had a gun in his pocket. Bullard and his friend drove away in a white Chevy Blazer that belonged to Bullard’s brother.

Bullard’s friend told police that Bullard wanted to go to the location on Nelson to pick up his girlfriend and their baby. Court documents said when they got to the house, he went inside for about 10 minutes. He came out with some food, then went back inside to get his baby and put them in the car seat. Court document said there was then a number of gun shots from a car driving by and Bullard was hit. The car driving by was described by witnesses as a white Hyundai Santa Fe.

During the investigation, Spokane Police received a report of a stolen white 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. The owner of the car told officials she had allowed her daughter to borrow the car. She said her daughter contacted her and told her that her friend “Turfy” had taken the car sometime overnight while she slept at his house. The woman said she believed the car may be associated with the homicide investigation based on what she was told by her daughter.

Court documents said when police talked to the woman’s daughter, she identified “Turfy” as Isiah Cavitt. She said she used her mother’s car to drive Cavitt to Coeur d’Alene early in the day and then to Lucky’s Tavern in downtown Spokane. She said Cavitt was upset and began picking fights with people. Court documents said she saw him punch someone in the face. Later, Cavitt walked up to her and told her he had “gotten into it” with some people and they needed to leave. Court documents said they left, went to a gas station at Market and Euclid, then they drove to Cavitt’s house. When they got to his house, she fell asleep. Court documents said when she woke up around 7:00 a.m., the keys to the car were gone and so was Cavitt. She told police she tried to reach out to Cavitt on Facebook but she noticed his page had been deleted.