SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police are investigating after a man pulled a gun on another driver on I-90.

The driver was able to snap photo of the man and in it you can clearly see what looks like a gun pointed out the window.

The driver said it was a very scary situation and he could not believe the other driver pulled out a gun and pointed it at him over what he thought was a minor incident.

“My first thought was like really am I just going to get shot at for a little road rage incident,” the victim said.

The victim does not want to be identified for safety reasons. He said it all started because the man in the photo merged into his lane on eastbound I-90 without his blinker and cut him off.

“I honked real quick and he still proceeded to change lanes, got in front of me and I honked real hard at him and he brake checked me real hard,” he said.

The victim said he then got into the lane next to him and waved his hands in the air frustrated over what happened. From there he said things escalated quickly, he said the driver tried to ram him and push him off the freeway, so he tried to get away.

“At the last moment, right before the Hamilton exit, I took the exit real quick, so he wouldn't follow me, but he did almost hitting the guard rail,” said the victim.

Then, the victim said he pulled out his phone and started snapping photos, he tried to take a video, but said he quickly put his phone down and called 911 when he saw the gun.

“I look into my right rear window and I thought I saw a gun, I'm like there's no way he's pulling a gun over something stupid like this,” he said.

The victim was finally able to get away, but did not get the man's license plate number, so he filed a police report and took to social media.

His post was shared dozens of times and was posted on the Spokane Police Department Facebook page. Police said they have received several leads and believe they know who the man is. They are still investigating, but charges could be coming. Police said they take things like this very seriously.

Possible charges for the other driver range from intimidation with a weapon to assault. If you find yourself in a situation like this, police said do not engage with the person, try to get away quickly, if they follow you go to a well-lit public area, do not go home, and call 911 immediately. Also try to get as many descriptors as you can, so police can investigate.