SPOKANE, Wash. — Most Spokane locals already know that the beer industry is a huge part of the city's culture, but now everyone else driving into Spokane will know it too.

A new art piece sits on the corner of Lincoln Street and Interstate 90 downtown, seen by cars exiting on the westbound Lincoln Street I-90 off ramp.

The art structure is actually a brewing fermenter, donated by No-Li Brewhouse.

Local artists Bill and Karma Simmons worked on the tank to create something special for the city for about a year.

No Li-Brewhouse said it couldn't be more proud of the structure the artists have created.

"We just wanted to show that brewing is part of the industry here and the piece as you can see shows the history of the industry in the city and brewing really has been part of that in the city for 100 years and now it's coming back," said Mike Bookey, marketing manager at No-Li Brewhouse.

The art piece is part of the Lincoln Gateway project to improve landscaping specific to the Lincoln Street I-90 off ramp.

On Friday, the mayor and many others from the city celebrated the revitalized gateway.