SPOKANE, Wash. – A special group of retirees are volunteering their time to give back to the Spokane community who they said is their reason for living.

Bruce Rogers volunteers at 2nd Harvest every week, and he is not the only one. Second Harvest said they have about 6,000 volunteers who sort non-perishable foods into boxes for the vulnerable in Spokane.

However Rogers’ group is special. With some old tunes, and a blow of his horn, it is time to work. Roger is apart of a group called Mixed Nuts.

“We’re a mixed bag of people here, you know,” Rogers said.

Retired servicemen, doctors, and railroad workers. The group is fairly young having only started 20 years ago, but the average age of the group? About 73.

“An old banana,” Rogers jokes.

They really show that it is never too late to volunteer. Rogers said he did not volunteer until after he retired.

“The busier you stay, the longer you live. It’s a simple fact,” he said.

For the Mixed Nuts group, everyone should service one another, no matter your age.

“I’m 83, but I’m fairly young compared to some of these people here,” Rogers jokes.

Rogers’ spark in volunteering actually started when he and his wife attended the first “Take a Bite Out of Hunger”