SPOKANE, Wash. -- Local marijuana processors are panicked.

They say thousands of dollars worth of products are sitting in their warehouses ready to ship but they are not going anywhere. According to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board an "application bug" in a new traceability system that surfaced Saturday caused the issue. The state said the problem is fixed but processors are still having issues. The state said they are making progress and they are aware of the issues.

Grow State General Manager Kyle Cranford and his team are doing their best to keep their business going even though their products meant for shipping are sitting on their shelves.

“Literally thousands of thousands of dollars that we are sitting on that can't go out the door," Cranford said.

Cranford said that is because a state-wide database that tracks the industry from seed to sale is not working correctly.

"It's almost like you had a clock that was working, clockwork everything, all the gears were working and then it just exploded," he said.

Washington state just went live with a new marijuana tracking system. Cranford said it has not been working well with the third-party system they use to track and organize their orders, sales and lab paperwork. He said their orders are not being processed correctly, so they cannot go out.

“They are packaged up and they are ready to go and they can't, they can't,” he explained.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board said they did have a glitch in the system and it was fixed. Grow State and other processors are still having problems. Problems Cranford fears could affect their business long term.

"It can shut us down. If we don't have the orders going out we don't have the money to pay the electricity bill you know and that's an easy 40 to 50 thousand a month," Cranford said.

For now, they are continuing to work in hopes they will be able to ship out products soon.