SPOKANE, Wash.-- It is a scenario teens never hope to experience in real-life: a school shooting.

On Sunday, students from North Central High School participated in the filming of a documentary that plays out life-like school shooting scenarios.

"Beyond Lockdown" is a documentary that will serve as a training video to help schools know to respond when a school shooting occurs, as well as how to prevent it from ever happening. The documentary will play in classrooms across America.

Randy Spivy, the CEO and founder of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, a Spokane-based company, is leading the initiative.

To make sure the film is as authentic as possible, Spivy recruited students from North Central High School to appear in the movie.

"The first half will be about what are the warning signs that somebody might be progressing towards violence and the second half is alright you are in the violence how do you survive it," said Spivy.

The film will be free of charge. The goal is to ensure many people watch the film and save as many lives as possible.