SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Silver Skaters, a group of Spokane Women's Hockey players 50 years and older, are celebrating four years of taking it to the ice.

"We are older skaters still skating and still having fun," said Deb Kyle, a member of the Silver Skaters.

Every Friday night four teams get together at the Eagle Ice Arena and compete in recreational hockey games. This weekend, 17 skaters from Canada, Colorado, Idaho and Washington will join the Silver Skaters of Spokane to play in a tournament.

"I was 48 when I started so that is one of the things I tell people when they say, 'Oh I think I am too old,'" Kyle said.

Some of the women are in their 70s and most have been skating for decades. The oldest skater of the Silver Skaters is 77-years-old.

"We really like the idea of women who will support each other and encourage each other," Kyle shared.

Kyle said this tournament gives older skaters from all over the region time to socialize and renew friendships they have developed over the years of playing the sport they love.