SPOKANE, Wash. -- Most kids make a wish list of presents they want for their birthdays.

But instead of thinking about herself, one Spokane girl decided to ask her friends to bring presents for kids in the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

After seeing firsthand what it is like for a kid to spend time in the hospital, Chloe Clarkson, 10, decided to do something special for her birthday.

“All of the people I invited to my party I just asked them to bring stuff like Crayola products and stuffed animals that haven't been used,” said Clarkson.

When you ask Clarkson why she decided to give her birthday presents to other kids dealing with medical issues at Sacred Heart, she points to her sister.

“I thought about my sister and when she's in the hospital a lot of kids like her just have to sit there for a while and so I thought that they could use a couple of toys so I did that,” she said.

Her little sister Maddie has been in and out of the hospital since she was born. She was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, meaning her diaphragm did not form. She spent the first seven months of her life in the ICU. She has had several surgeries, including heart surgery, and is getting ready for another big surgery soon.

“Those little things, as simple as a coloring book or a little stuffed animal just whatever it is that she gets just brings so much joy to her because in the hospital room there's not anything besides a TV,” said Chloe’s mom Chasity.

That is why Chloe wanted to do something special, to brighten the lives of kids just like her sister.