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Local family gets gift of heat ahead of winter months

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Smoke filled skies and high temperatures makes it difficult to think about winter. But, go back a few months and remember the weather. We were dealing with a brutal cold winter, lots of snow and it was the winter that would not end.

That's what Barbara Fisher remembers, those cold, cold mornings and a furnace that did not work. On Wednesday, she learned how to use her knew thermostat to warm her home.

Local non-profit SNAP worked with Sturm Heating and Air Conditioning to put in a new furnace and heat pump for Fisher at no cost to her. Sturm has a program called Heat from the Heart and works with partners to provide low income folks with some assistance.

Fisher said the winter was so tough and though her home is well insulated, her furnace was just worn out. She said after getting a lot of help from SNAP and using her own limited funds, she was out of solutions. She can now look forward to fall and winter.

“It felt like a lifesaver, it is a lifesaver. Here I am, blessed, thankful and warm,” Fisher said.

SNAP has dozens of programs, including some home repair money that is available throughout the year. They will begin taking requests for that assistance October 19.