SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane group gave messages of love, encouragement, goofy fun, and intricate artwork a new medium.

The "Spokane Rocks" Facebook group is an artistic outlet for nearly 3,000 members in the Spokane community and continues to grow.

For some members, it is a hobby and to others it is a relaxing therapy.

At least once a week, Megan Elvrum can be found at her table inside her Spokane home, painting a new set of rocks to be hidden, found and then posted on "Spokane Rocks."

Some of her admirers will be known, but others will remain secret. Whether it is a stranger taking a stroll in the park, or a dedicated "Spokane Rocks" member hunting for a colorful prize.

Elvrum said she became a part of the Facebook group eight months ago.

For her, the fun reminds her of childhood.

"It kind of looks crazy looking around, like on the ground, in the grass and stuff, but I think it makes you feel like a kid again," said Elvrum. "It feels good to see someone light up when they find a rock," she said. "If they are trying to send a message out, you know, it's kind of like a bottle in the ocean."

Once the rocks are painted, "Spokane Rocks" admins ask that members leave a message asking people who find the rocks to post them on the Facebook group.