SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane daycare employee is facing charges for threatening to bomb the center and kill other employees.

Daycare leaders said it got to the point where they were also fearful for the safety of the children at the center.

Taylor Cipolla was an employee at the Lilac City Learning Center, a daycare for pre-school children, but when she heard she may be fired other employees say she started making threats. One of her co-workers heard her say, "If I get fired, I would come back and burn down the building, that's how vindictive I am.”

Cipolla's co-workers said burning down the building was one of many threats they heard. Other threats included shooting employees, bombing the daycare, killing a woman by trapping her hair in a car door and driving away, putting a needle in another woman's leg so she would overdose, and putting snake venom on the paws of another employee's cat in hopes that it would scratch her and kill her.

Cipolla's attorney argued she never meant to carry out any of these threats.

"I would suggest that while that can certainly be taken as a threat, it sounds more to me like hyperbole in expressing an emotional state of mind than a real honest threat to do anybody any real harm," Attorney Chris Bugbee said.

The judge disagreed though and said they have to take these threats seriously. Employees at the daycare feared for their safety and the safety of the small children at the center.

Cipolla has no criminal history so her bond was reduced from $50,000 to $10,000. She will be back in court for an arraignment February 6th.