SPOKANE, Wash. -- In 2012, developers were breaking ground on the first commercial building in Spokane's Kendall Yards neighborhood. Now restaurants and businesses have moved to the area to make it into a unique community.

For decades, the city was removed from the rest of Spokane, but Expo 74 paved the way fro someone to build on the area along the river.

"I think there's a sense of excitement throughout Spokane about it, we still get a lot of people that come in and say oh we didn't even know this was here," said Laura Carey, the owner of Veraci Pizza.

Veraci Pizza is one of the newest additions to Kendall Yards, which has been there for almost a year. The owner told KREM 2 News that she loved that this place has become a reality after dreaming about what it could be for years.

"I used to come and drive down the gravel street before it was anything and look at the lights of the city," said Carey.

It is not just restaurants though, as other businesses have move in and love calling the area home.

Windermere Real Estate opened its doors during the 2014 summer.

"We just love what's going on, we kind of love the vibe, it's just a very fun place," said Joe Garst with the Windermere Real Estate.

Joe Garst grew up in Spokane and cannot believe the view of the river he gets from his office. He said clients often compliment the look and feel of the neighborhood.

"We've had people come through that say boy this reminds me of Portland or something that's going on in Seattle," said Garst.

The appeal of Kendall Yards may be that it is urban by nature, but the people who live and work there said they want to stay there because it is a community by design. The planning that made this place unique is what will keep them there.

"With the centennial trail right here and the river, it's like the epitome of Spokane right here," said Carey.

Next to join the neighborhood will be a new wine bar and a farmers market, which will come later in 2015.