SPOKANE, Wash — It seems like you can find a Lime scooter on any corner in downtown Spokane, but some have made their way outside the downtown core.

We wanted to find out how far the scooters have traveled and how much it costs.

Using the Lime app, KREM 2 drove up north to find the farthest scooter from Riverfront Park. We found one on Wedgewood and Atlantic, nearly 5 miles (4.8m) from Riverfront Park.

We also found a few outside the Northtown mall. You have to wonder, are people riding these scooters three plus miles from downtown up to the Northtown mall and beyond? Or are they being moved incrementally?

KREM came across a Lime scooter user who said he frequently rides up north from downtown. It costs him about 10 dollars depending on how quick the ride is.

To date, the longest lime scooter trip is three-point-eight miles with a time of one hour and 50 minutes, according to city bicycle and pedestrian planner Colin Quinn-Hurst. The nearly four mile trip cost about 30 bucks ($29.50).

"There are a few longer trips that make it out into the neighborhoods and so gradually over the course of the day, the scooters and bikes get moved farther and farther," Quinn-Hurst said.

He says 3.8 miles is pretty far, considering the average trip length is just under one mile (.7m), with an average cost of about six dollars ($5.40).

So how are these scooters ending up so far from downtown? Quinn-Hurst said it's a combination of the occasional long trips, and users incrementally moving them.

"While they try to concentrate them where they'll get the most use, they also want to be making equitable distributions. That’s so every neighborhood gets a chance to use them," Quinn-Hurst said.

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