SPOKANE, Wash.—Gonzaga Prep students returned from New Orleans after a trip of a lifetime.

Eleven students made the trip to work with at risk kids, volunteer at a homeless shelter and meet a local star along the way.

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The students met with former G-Prep student and New Orleans Saints Football star Steve Gleason as he joined them to listen to a Jazz musician perform to learn about how jazz can relate to life.

Gleason also had a conversation with students and the New Orleans Mayor about race.

“This kind of makes you appreciate what you have and it kind of drives you to want to do something to help. Now after seeing it from a different perspective and seeing it somewhere else, and seeing how much worse it is there then it is here, it really makes me want to help out as much as I can wherever I go,” said senior Raeanna Malarkey.

Gleason also attended the "Son of Saint" crawfish boil where students were able to meet with at risk kids.

Through the school's Margins program, 30 students traveled to New Orleans, San Francisco and Los Angeles to immerse themselves in economic, environmental and criminal justice issues, and to build connections with the people who live through them.