SPOKANE, Wash. – The Salvation Army said they found a one ounce gold coin wrapped in a $100 bill Wednesday morning.

Volunteer Kettle Counter Larry Martal found the coin that was dropped in a kettle at the Fred Meyer store in Wandermere. Officials said the coin is worth about $1,300.

Salvation Army leaders said the tradition started years ago by a veteran firefighter. Back in 2016, the firefighter included a letter explaining the reason for his generous donation including this P.S.:

“If, by chance, in 2017 you get the usual gold coin wrapped in a $100 bill left in a pot at the north entry of Fred Meyer in Wandermere, you will know I was given one more year. One more year to remember and give thanks…”

A Salvation Army spokesperson said they wished the firefighter could see the faces on the hundreds of families, women and children served through TSA Spokane this holiday season.