SPOKANE, Wash. – A group of teenagers saved a man after he attempted to backflip off a bridge near Spokane Falls Community College Saturday afternoon. The man’s friends and family praised their heroic efforts Monday.

Tyler Wright, 25, climbed to the top of an abandoned bridge to attempt a back flip into the water. In video of the incident, it appeared Wright over rotated and hit the water hard enough to knock himself out. Teenagers Jacob Rosenberg and Marcus Olin can be seen pulling Wright out the water. The two said their friends performed CPR while waiting for authorities to show up. The friends who resuscitated Wright said they were able to put their lifeguard training to good use until first responders arrived.

Craig Stephens said he and Wright are like brothers, so when he heard what happened to Wright, he was thankful the teens were there to save him. “I wanted to say thank you so much for it. It couldn’t have been like this without those two.”

In addition to Stephens’ message of gratitude to the teens who helped Wright, he also wanted to share a word of caution, urging anyone else who might visit that area to be safe.

Stephens said he was able to visit Wright Monday in the intensive care unit. “He’s going to pull through. He’s a soldier, he’s a fighter. I’m confident in that. He’s already opened his eyes a little bit – all great sings so far,” noted Stephens.

Sacred Heart confirmed Tuesday morning Wright was upgraded to stable condition. He remains in the hospital.