ROCKFORD, Wash — It is bound to be an emotional week at Freeman High School as this Thursday marks one year since a shooter opened fire inside the school. Fifteen-year-old Sam Strahan was killed, and three teen girls were shot and wounded.

Freeman students and staff are getting a little extra love this week. The students are enjoying comforting visits from therapy dogs along with extra counselors in case anyone wants to take some time out to talk.

New security measures this school year are also top of mind.

"So all the doors are locked from 8:20-2:45pm in all the buildings across campus," Randy Russell, the Freeman School Superintendent said.

Russell said that the district listened to students’ suggestions on how the school could feel safer.

"Last year we asked the students all throughout the year, where can we improve our safety, our security? How are you feeling about your own personal safety and security here? And our students actually gave us a lot of insight into where we could make some of these changes and things they'd like to see done," Russell said.

"For example, single point entry into all the buildings and once the doors lock you have to go up and you have to actually press a button," Russell explained.

"Also, when you do come into the office you have to give your driver's license to us so we can do a background check on you and that's another big change," Russell said.

Students at Freeman recognize that in many ways they are the first line of defense.