SPOKANE, Wash. -- Instead of letting meals going to waste, Feed Spokane saves quality food from restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels.

Steven Brashears, the Executive Director of Feed Spokane, spent his Monday morning picking up food from local restaurants. The manager of Starbucks handed Brashears three tubs of coffee and day old pastries.

"Before we would just throw them out which is a huge waste," said Gabrielle Dali.

Brashears said Feed Spokane is safe, simple, and it is the right thing to do. Volunteers bring food to Feed Spokane in disposable pans and Ziplock bags provided by supplier donors. Volunteers and coalition agencies then distribute the food to any of 55 charitable meal sites in the Spokane community who serve free meals.

"Only 10 percent of food that can be rescued in Spokane is being picked up instead of being thrown in a dumpster," said Brashears.

Jeremy Clark pieced together meals in his head while grabbing food for at least one hundred homeless youth this week.

"Kids have no real idea where it comes from usually.The journey almost feels a little long but they are always surprised and appreciative," said Clark the volunteer coordinator for the Cup of Cool Water.

The Cup of Cool Water serves as a sanctuary for street kids in Spokane.

"I come here every chance I get. Being homeless and jobless leaves a gap nutritionally," said Max Zidrashko. "It is definitely given me the ability to look past the short term barrier of what am I going to eat tomorrow."

For more information on how to participate in Feed Spokane click here.